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Cornell Mentors for Ukraine

Applications for the second Cornell Mentors for Ukraine Program are now open.


The Cornell Club of Poland (CCP) has launched a mentoring program to support promising Ukrainian students with exceptional leadership potential who intend to contribute to rebuilding Ukraine in the aftermath of the Russian invasion. The aim of the program is to shape future Ukrainian leaders in the spirit of European and Transatlantic values and hone their competencies in terms of both hard and soft skills. Program participants will liaise with our partner organizations and leading figures from business, society and public institutions. Participation is an opportunity to receive career guidance and grow on professional and personal levels. Graduates of the program will join the alumni network and will receive support to pursue their stated goals in building Ukraine’s future.

Program structure

The program is structured around two pillars of individual and collective mentoring.

Within the individual mentoring component of the program, mentees will be paired with mentors on the basis of their career profile and professional interests. The mentors are leading figures in their respective fields and are paired individually with the mentees by the CCP. Throughout the duration of the program, mentors and mentees will meet either in person or online for a determined number of mentoring sessions. The exact purpose and scope of the sessions will be determined individually between the mentee and the mentor under supervision of the CCP.

As part of the collective mentoring component, mentees will be conveying together for workshops and lectures delivered by mentors selected by the CCP. The collective mentoring sessions will be intended to advance the mentees’ skills in fields relevant to all program participants such as analytical skills, critical thinking, policymaking, English language competencies and others.

All components of the program will be held in English. Language proficiency is not required, but candidates must possess at least intermediate level in speaking and writing and be willing to progress their English languages competencies.


Eligible for participation in the program are Ukrainian citizens enrolled in institutions of higher education either in Poland or recent graduates thereof. The age limit for candidates is 35 years. For Mentees not based in Warsaw, the mentoring activities will be organized online.

We welcome candidates from all walks of life and professional pathways who possess a clear vision of how they wish to contribute to rebuilding and strengthening Ukraine.

In exceptional cases the selection committee may accept to the program candidates who are neither recent graduates nor currently enrolled students. An academic background, however, is required.

How to apply

To apply for participation in the program, please send your CV and a short essay of up to 500 words in which you briefly explain your motivations for joining the program and your vision for how you wish to contribute to rebuilding Ukraine.

Please submit both documents in word file to

Please indicate your full name in capital letters in the title of the email and entitle it as follows:


 The deadline for the second edition of the CMU program is Wednesday, May 15.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview. Successful candidates will be informed of acceptance to the program by mid-April. The program will begin in mid-May.

If you are a professional interested in joining our pool of mentors, please reach out at